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Sports Psychology & performance counseling

  • Goal Setting - the ability to set goals that enhance your confidence and success rather than ones that feel overwhelming and self-defeating

  • Imagery -  the ability to see and feel your performance before it is actually completed

  • Positive Self-Talk - the ability to be your own internal motivator using a positive frame of mind

  • Emotional Control -  the ability to let your emotions work for you as opposed to against you

  • Relaxation -  the ability  to calm down mentally and physically in pressure situations

  • Stress Management - the ability to manage your time and commitments as to not add stress, but take it away

  • Routines - the ability to develop an effective routine that gets you focused in on your performance

  • Concentration – the ability to stay focused when surrounded by distractions

  • Motivation – the ability to understand why we do what we do

  • Transition - to a new team, from or into injury rehabilitation, and out of sports or athletics

  • Unlocking mental barriers

individual & family counseling

  • Family - positive family dynamics

  • Fears and Mental Blocks - unlocking mental barriers

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Grief Resolution - coping skills for life tragedy & loss

  • Behavior - behavior management tools

  • Emotional Awareness - understanding emotions and controlling outcomes

  • Stress & Anixety Management

  • School & Educational Based Counseling 

Team, Coaches, & Parent group Clinics​​

  • Mental tools and techniques for teams to reach their full potential

  • Tools and techniques for coaches to get full potential from their athletes, teams, and staff

  • Tools and techniques for parents to be supportive

Telehealth sessions available with client portal access

  • Primary counseling sessions

  • Available for all services

on-site sessions

  • On-site sessions available to athletes at their location of practice or play

  • Location determined once appointment is schedule

in-person counseling sessions coming soon!

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